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Caldesi: Venice Recipes Lost and Found


There's an old Venetian saying 'magna e bevi che a vita xe un lampo' - 'eat and drink because life is a lightning flash'. With this in mind, Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi have dodged the tourists, drawing inspiration from less obvious areas of the city, to unearth the most delicious and authentic recipes. Try some hot polpette (salty pork rissoles) or sarde in saor (marinated sardines) with a glass of wine with friends. The traditional Venetian pasta, bigoli, served with a delicious fresh fish salsa is a signature dish that you?ll cook time and time again. And the sweet fritelle, fried dumplings filled with custard, are bound to become an instant hit. Set against the backdrop of breathtaking photographs of the city and Katie?s anecdotes of their travels, Venice is a beautiful cookbook and keepsake that will transport you to Italy with every page turned.