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Judith Watt: Vogue on: Elsa Schiaparelli


Vogue on Designers is a new series of fashion books from British Vogue which tell the fascinating stories of iconic designers accompanied by world-class photographs and illustrations from the Vogue archive. 

Vogue called Elsa Schiaparelli a genius madder and more original than her contemporaries, championing and illustrating her designs from the first picture of the revolutionary Bow Knot sweater in 1927 through to the Surrealist Tear Dress and Shoe Hat of the late 1930s. 

A true original, collaborating with artists such as Salvador Dali and Man Ray, she made trompe-l'oeil images, dresses with skeletal forms, perfume bottles in the shape of Mae West's torso, and pioneered the use of man-made fabrics. Vogue on Elsa Schiaparelli presents the enduring legacy of this daring and visionary designer.