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Arabella Boxer : A Second Slice


Out of Print

Arabella Boxer's second recipe anthology, printed in 1966, and now out of print, is full of all sors of delights.  She focuses on 'neglected English food of the Twenties and Thirties, particularly the recipes of Lady Jekyll, Lady Sysonby and Nancy Shaw'.  The book is spiral-bound and the card pages are cut into three sections. You can choose a main course, then turn the starter and pudding pages until you found a suitable match, rather like a cookery version of the board game Misfits.  The recipes are interspersed with food paintings, so whilst you are pondering whether to have 'Eggs Rosebery' or 'Cockaleekie' with your 'Sea Pie' you can muse over a 'Table Spread' by Bonnard, or imagine the goings on at 'Luncheon of the Boating Party' by Renoir.  The names of the recipes are great fun 'The Baronet's Curry' and 'Alsatian Cream', each recipe is dated and the frank comments by Arabella make it a really very entertaining read, on her 'Chickens and Pheasants' recipe - 'Having been lazy about stuffing before roasting, I am now determined to do it more often'.  An entertaining read for everyone, and the perfect gift for the cook who already has all the cookery books.