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Paola Buratto Caovilla: Haute Couture in the Kitchen: Sins and Pleasures


In this delightful book that fuses cooking and entertaining with high fashion, Paola Caovilla transforms the mundane act of a cracking an egg or setting the table into an epicurean experience. And she doesnât leave anything out. From the dinner invitation to the menu, from the cocktails to the music, the author refines the art of entertaining through dozens of recipes, party planning ideas, creative table settings, decorating tips and more. Hereâs one: dispose of your aprons. What is sexier than a Dior blouse or Lagerfeld skirt sprinkled with flour? The author reminds us that a home-cooked meal prepared and presented lovingly can ease business rapports, bring friends closer together, and gratify the host as much as the guests.