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The Decorators of the 60s and 70s by Patrick Favardin & Guy Bloch-Champfort


The 1960s and 1970s marked a sharp turning point in the history of decoration and furniture. Until that point, the world was confined to national and elitist forms of expression. At the beginning of the 1960s, the sector took its inspiration from Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Italian and French decoration. Genres were combined in a frenzied desire to live in symbiosis with one's time. The progress of technology strengthened the conviction that the individual had unlimited freedom and aroused the desire to inhabit in a new manner. Forms became rounder, furniture was in sync with a warm, playful, and anticonformist universe. Colours and decorative motifs took on the brilliance and fantasies of Pop Art and psychedelia. The living environment was transformed into a waking dream in which luxurious furniture in original materials and surprising objects were mixed, associated, for the first time, with early furniture. The end of the 1970s marked the advent of a period in which beauty and classic elegance gave way to a host of expressions that were unclassifiable and rejected any hierarchy. The postmodern period had arrived. Composed of a long introduction that provides a synoptic view and 32 monographs that describe its many faces, this book invites the reader to discover an exceptionally creative period and revels in an abundant iconography.

The Designers: Alessandro Albrizzi, François Arnal and the Atelier A, Gae Aulenti, Billy Baldwin, Michel Boyer, Pierre Cardin, François Catroux, Max Clendinning, Joe Colombo, Gabriella Crespi, Alain Demachy, John Dickinson, Tony Duquette, Paul Evans, Galerie Germain, Galerie Lacloche, Galerie Maison et Jardin, Jacques Grange, Marc Held, David Hicks, Jansen, Yonel Lebovici, Serge Manzon, Renzo Mongiardino, Verner Panton, Pierre Paulin, Maria Pergay, Alberto Pinto, Henri Samuel, Charles Sévigny, John Stefanidis, Michael Taylor, Carla Venosta.